Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home cooked meals took over my house

So yeah I now know how to make sushi. My brother showed me how which is easy but hard to find the ingredients around where I live. But nevertheless he did find the seaweed and sushi rice (no ordinary rice will help). Luckily, we had some bamboo rollers (?) :3 so yeah my brother cooked the rice (4 cups of rice and 4 cups of water plus vinegar) for idk how long then we put the rice in the seaweed and I don't know why I'm explaining this since it's so easy but oh weeeeeell. It really is easy plus you can put any ingredient you'd like :3 yesterday I put philadelphia cheese and avocado but today I put phil cheese (I like it :3) and carrots (hard to cut).
Anyway, I've been into these web series (both of them created by Woody Tondorf) which areeee Elevator show and Hooking Up. And no, I'm not making a review and stuff, it just happened that I liked them a lot. But that's what happens when you listen to Kate Micucci songs. She plays Lily on the Elevator show.