Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think I've been Drinking and Eating a lot of shit from Wonderland

I'm serious!
I realize now that I have good days and bad days. Before, I only have bad and empty bad days. I don't know, it was just weird. Now that my life is somewhat balanced, I really don't over analyze things anymore. Which is weird because it was my favorite hobby ever.
In other news, I've given up on digital photography. I really don't consider myself as a talented photographer so I'm just focusing on film photography for now. Though I did waste like 3 35mm films but oh well, that's because the camera's battery is RIP.

I'm much more focused on the concept of freedom. It's supposed to be an absolute concept. I learned about it while watching The Duchess. I mean do I practice such concept or not? That and I've been getting this angst every time I'm at my house. Probably because I found interesting people to hang out with. Though I am awfully quiet. Am I still the shy human being like I've always been?

I think that's the part that has been true ever since I learned how to exist. The shy part of me. I've been mean, sarcastic, bitchy, funny, hyper but always shy. Maybe I don't suffer from a personality disorder after all. No sir. No sir.

LOL! I just love how this entry makes no sense whatsoever.

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