Sunday, December 27, 2009

And Jack didn't bring Dinner

The sun rises like always in this side of the world
But no rooster wakes up because they've been shut down by the neighbor's dog
We live on an island and yet there are no tropical fruits
They've been processed and approved by the community
That's been blind ever since they could be in their mom's belly
Blind with advertisements about a better place

They might as well talk about a superior being
But we know that there is no such thing
We just hold hands and feel the power from the inside
While a crazy man dances to the next store
And grabs a stuffed animal

You just realized that the elevator is stuck
So you wind up having a conversation with the maid
Everything turns out to be nice until you reach your hotel room
Chaos strikes
And the wedding is off

Stuffed animals need to party too. But they do it when we human beings are not there. SERIOUSLY! Wait then how do I know...? O.O

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