Monday, December 28, 2009

I don't know what hit me...

But I'm painting again. Since I don't have new canvases or anything like it, I recycled. Yes, I painted over old works I did when I was in middle school 'cause I hated them so now the hall will be filled with psychedelic stuff. Yeah I tend to use lots of color. I'll take a picture of the paintings I've done and liked. But for now, I'm gonna paint some more. The paint's a bit concentrated but I'll survive with H2O and some food.


This set of brushes are in Rusterberg Hall. Place I had my "favorite" class 2-D Design. The professor was a jerk at first but after mid-term, he turned out to be a nice guy. I just don't get why he hates cartoons when he looks like one. SERIOUSLY. If you'd seen him, you'd know.

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