Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is something I wrote a while ago

Yeah I tend to write random things every once in a while. It's an improv, it doesn't have anything special. But I do miss writing like this.

The lamppost stopped working the minute I stood beside it
To see the love letter that arrived a few years ago
But I was afraid to open it
Maybe because I didn't want nostalgia to come by knocking the door
So I'll never know if regret stained my shirt or not

She's living a great life whilst I am standing in line
We both have to pay the price but at least we're still here
Just throwing our hearts out until the sax can't be heard no more

Strings are on my bed, ready to tangle me
I'm tired of this royal titles and the money talk
He's leaving to the train station
While her mother and sister are ready so say goodbye
And they both go towards a stranger's house

If only the chimney won't take most of tears
And warm my feet
Several meltdowns have happened
Between the squirrels and cats
Unless they scream when they're stuck in summer


The girl there is Pammy. I just can't stop thinking about her. She's my friend that's far far away and living a glamorous life while I live life like a fucking housewife.

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